Report on digital port innovation in Taiwan (2019) – Opportunity for knowledge intensive cooperation

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Digital technologies have already shaped our lives and are only expected to transform our society and economy even further. The digital transformation of the logistic and transport industry is quickly picking up speed. Ports around the world have recognized the potential of these new digital innovations and are aiming to stay ahead.

Taiwan is the 22nd largest economy of the world and similar to the Netherlands in terms of land area and population. The biggest port of Taiwan, the port of Kaohsiung, was once one of the top five seaports in the world but gradually lost its top position due to intensive competition from ports in the region, currently the port of Kaohsiung occupies the 13th position.

Ports in Taiwan are still facing intensive competition from other ports in the region and have been developing and implementing digital solutions to enhance their operational efficiency and thereby raising the competitiveness of their ports. These digital projects are aimed to not only raise the competitiveness but also to improve the safety and sustainability of the port. Various projects such as monitoring and optimizing the vessel movement in the port, linking digital systems and sharing data and installing smart sensors are planned in order to address the aforementioned challenges.

This research will shed a light on the digital developments in the port sector in Taiwan. The report will first give a brief overview of the economy of Taiwan, general information on the port sector and the characteristics of the different ports in Taiwan. This will be followed by a chapter on the challenges ports in Taiwan are facing and the digital projects to come up with solutions for these challenges.

The report can be downloaded here