#10 TAIWAN: The Light of Innovation in Chip Making

willting Podcast

ASML is in the leading position in the chip manufacturing process. The key to having such success is to use the power of innovation, or “open innovation.” In this episode, we invited Boudewijn Sluijk, Director of Strategic Marketing from ASML, to share how they think about open innovation within the company and at the industrial scale.

Our modern life is driven by chips. Chip manufacturing is known as “semiconductor industry,” a highly technology-integrated industry in which innovation plays a vital role.

About our guest speaker: 
Boudewijn Sluijk, Sr. Director of Marketing, ASML, has been a senior member of ASML’s strategy team since 2014 with a focus on long term technology developments. 

Boudewijn has worked in various marketing functions at ASML since 1998. He started ASML’s Market Research department in 2003. He had the honor to introduce ASML’s TWINSCAN product line at SPIE 2001
Boudewijn graduated in Physics from Leiden University

Special thanks to Karen Lo, Head of Communications, Asia, ASML.