Photonics Webinar episode 1

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The Fiber Optic Sensing Industry is evolving quickly after some decades of incubation. In the early years it was difficult to design and build reliable and robust sensors and transducers which made optics measurement systems struggle with implementing on a large scale. These problems have been addressed and solved and now fiber optic sensing is ready for large scale applications. This webinar focuses on FOS applications of disaster prevention, structural health monitoring, aerospace and emerging new applications.

On the topic of disaster prevention. Taiwan is prompt to natural disasters such as earthquake and typhoon and therefore have an interest of FOS application in this area. Dr. An-Bing Huang, technical consultant of Citpo Technologies (03:20) presented how the FBG (Optical Fiber Bragg Grating) technology can be used to measure pressure, force, displacement, inclination and acceleration for large concrete structure, slope and offshore structure. Rik Knoppers, COO of Somni solutions (16:40) talked about the development of robust and reliable fiber optic sensors that can be used for skyscrapers and also introducing the new low frequency accelerometer jointly development with TNO and Citpo.

Tuesday June 16th was the first webinar on Photonics on the theme of “Fiber Optic Sensing applications and solutions”, hosted by the Netherlands Innovation Network Taiwan and ITRI.

For the second topic we focused on the fiber optic sensing applications for structural health monitoring. Mark Jacobs, Commercial Director of Optics 11 (39:40) talked about real-time monitoring of structure critical spots in order to assess a structure’s true condition. Dr. Yi-Heng Yang, researcher at MCL ITRI (56:30), talked about the potential application of FOS  for corrosion detection.

During the third part we discussed solutions for aerospace purposes. Dr. Ru-Da Tung, president of (1:05:25) introduce the optical gyroscope which will be essential to highly autonomous vehicles and precision robot.

Rolf Evenblij, Program Manager at Technobis (1:11:45), presented the unique FOS solution integrated with photonic integrated circuit technology with proven applications for aircraft, including landing gear load sensing, overheat detection system and structural health usage and load monitoring.

During the last part we discussed what’s next in fiber optic sensing and reviewed new applications. Rob Jansen, Project and Program Manager at TNO (1:36:10) talked about distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and chemical sensing, which uses the responses of chemical coatings. Prof. Shien-Kuei Liaw, Professor at NTUST (1:49:05), also spoke about DAS applications for highway, subway, railroad and high speed rail monitoring and new developments in simultaneously multiple-parameter sensing.

The webinar will be published here to review, with subtitles added to it. The video is expected to be published at the end of July.