Connecting Innovation Worldwide

About the Netherlands Innovation Network

The Netherlands Innovation Network (“Innovatie Attaché Netwerk” in Dutch) stimulates international cooperation between companies, knowledge institutes and governments in the fields of innovation, technology and science. We are part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Change in the Netherlands, operating in 17 countries with a strong innovation capacity and/or potential. The network aims to strengthen the innovation capabilities of the Netherlands by providing knowledge about developments and trends around the world in the field of innovation, technology and science. “Connecting Innovation Worldwide”. More about us...


荷蘭創新網絡隸屬與荷蘭經濟事務和氣候政策部,分布於全球17個具備高度創新能量及潛力的國家/地區,工作核心在促進產、官、學、研之間在創新、技術和科學領域的國際合作。荷蘭創新網絡旨在透過全球創新科技發展及趨勢領域的知識強化,提升荷蘭的創新能力。 更多關於我們


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